Portable Handheld Welder MMA Arc Welding Machine 160A

This portable handheld MMA 160A Welder is the best option for welding enthusiasts, beginners, and professional welders who want to exercise daily welding procedures. Due to the lightweight and super compact design, it's very convenient for users to transport and use it in confined spaces. DEKO MMA welder will enable you to obtain a professional finish in welding, car bodywork, household repairs, farm projects that require extra welding power.


DEKO is the scale producer and global supplier for household tools and repair equipment offering cost-effective products with trendy designs and technologies for customers worldwide. We are young energetic professionals forever curious, eager to learn, improve and innovate.

DEKO can help you save on money and transform from boring to fabulous. With our quality, great value and easy-to-use tools and equipment you can start any project right away.

Customer Reviews

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Great machine!

I’m not a professional welder but weld from time to time for almost 20 yrs.
I had an hold linde with the inverter for dc and it was so heavy that just getting it out of my shed was a real pain so I got rid of it and pulled the trigger on that 160a decopro. I welded a lot with miller and lincoln 3-4k$ machines at my job and have a pretty good idea of how good these expensive machines are.
My first impression was light, good looking but cheep plastic that would break at the first 3-4ft drop. Of course, at that price, I wasen’t expecting better, what I was expecting was a good welding machine like most of the reviews tells. I didn’t tried it on 120v, but on 240v with 1/8 and 3/32 7018 and WOW! This is a realy good machine, lay smooth and powerfull beads like a pro!Powerfull cooling fan, precise amp adjustment and realy outputs what the display shows (I hooked my dc clamp meter to it). Give me a blind test with this 200$ machine and a 4,000$ one and I would never find witch one is what.
Lots of power and push for any of my diy and more.
Every one should have one of these in there truck as a backup, or like me, in the shed for diy projects.

Sheila Armstrong
Amazing Welds, A Little Powerhouse

I was skeptical about buying this welder because it is so competitively priced. I've been looking at welders for a couple of months for some little projects. I kept going back and forth between Miller and Lincoln but could not understand how they justify the prices. But I needed something immediately, fewer days later the welder and rod is on my porch. First I fixed my trailer, burning a couple of pounds of 6013 rod at the max current welding 1/4" channel to 3/8" pipe. The strike is easy, it flowed so nice I was actually proud of the welds. Then I went and spent 5 hours welding the structure to a 50' x 13' addition to my barn. I had already tacked everything together with my Hobart Mig. But the welds are just crap. The high tensile wire with flux does nothing but stick metal together. I started with 6011 rod on 16ga. square tubing, trusses, and purlins. I adjusted the amps from 55, 75, 100, 130. The arc was quick but the rod just wouldn't flow like the 6013. In was so hot it would burn through the steal. When I ran at too low an amp, the rod would stick. After a couple of pounds, I decided to go get the 6013. I adjusted the amps to 90 and this thing flowed like butter. The welds were strong, the rod flowed evenly, starting the arc was fantastically easy and I'm telling you this little jewel is a welding beast. The best part is the thing weighs nothing and runs on 110 volts. I cut my teeth on the 220 Volt Lincoln which requires a fortune in lead wire to reach. The problem with Lincoln is the welder is now over $300 and I'm not sure how they justify this price for 40 year old technology. The leads with the machine are longer than my mig making it no problem to reach 8'. I eventually attached it to my ladder and just ran up and down the structure. My welds were horizontal, vertical, and upside down on all galvanized metal. Any bad welds were attributed to the person welding and not the welder. Best tool purchase I have made in years. I'm just absolutely amazed at how well this welder worked.

Awesome little rig!

Great value

Great with 3/32 7018 on 110v

For tiny inverter welder this thing does amazingly well on 110v alone. The pics I attached are with lincoln 3/32 7018 on 90 amps with dirty scrap angle, and it did surprisingly well in my opinion. I use 1/8 and 5/32 7018s at work so it took a little bit getting used to the wiggle of a full length 3/32 rod but other than my personal setbacks this thing did great! It would easily do DIY projects such as coffee tables or little repairs on 110v alone. I havent used it on 220v so I dont have an opinion on that but I'm assuming as long as you respect the duty cycle itll be fine.

Eric Smith
Very good indeed

Runs 1/8" 7018 like a champ. Haven't tried running it on 120 volts yet. Works very well on 240, though. Definitely upgrade the stock ground clamp.