Who we are

DEKO is the scale producer and global supplier for household tools and repair equipment offering cost-effective products with trendy designs and technologies for customers worldwide.

We are young energetic professionals forever curious, eager to learn, improve and innovate. We created our business model around providing our customers the best value tool at reasonable price, and throughout the years, have earned the trust of users worldwide.


The best tool set and box I have ever seen in my life!

 I am not exaggerating. My wife wanted, of all things, a tool set for her birthday. When my wife opened her gift her eyes lit up. The sheer assortment of tools is incomparable to other tool sets and the tools themselves are much sturdier than you typically get in a set. If you doubt me, look hard at what tools you actually get. Also, the tools actually FIT in their slots and do not easily fall out. The box itself is unbelievably sturdy. It is not light and flimsy, it is a tool box....

- Harin, October 2020


Very good item, tripod and magnet mount are worth money, the quality is great. I honestly didn't expect that. Quality of materials is awesome.

Laser is very clearly seen 5m away, and in evening can be seen 20 m away outside. The delivery was also fast, just 5 days. 

The parcel is packed well, everything is according to the product description. I use it for the decoration in my apartment. In general, for domestic use it's an excellent thing! Recommended!

- Danil, February, 2021


Cordless drill is spectacular, top quality!

 Very strong, very sturdy, inexpensive and high quality. All came as described and in perfect condition. It works normally, and sits perfectly in the hand! The battery came charged, but for reliability I still recharged. I work in the furniture shop, so I use it intensively. The drill is good, tested many times, this is my third drill from this brand. And this one suits me for all 100%.

 Many thanks to the seller!

- Victor, April 2021

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