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It’s no secret that today we have no shortage of consumer goods. Plenty of convenience furniture shops and home décor accessories are out there.

But have you noticed that you cannot find your ideal items in those shops since they are short on some features and too ordinary... or they are just over-priced and you don't have that budget? People are pursuing more in their lives, and craving for exclusivity.

However, exclusive things come at high costs. Why not to make things by yourselves? Rising influence of social media and DIY repair tutorials allow us to follow the experts and inspire us to start woodworks and handcrafts. It’s incredible! You can have any idea in your mind and craft it in any way imaginable.

We shifted from allowing professionals to assemble our furniture to making our own pieces, unique and fabulous. People now don’t call someone to fix anything, they want to fix it by themselves.

The question is where to get the right tools?

Professional tools are pricey and not suitable for every house owner.

We found a solution.

DEKO can help you save on money and transform from boring to fabulous. With our quality, great value and easy-to-use tools and equipment you can start any project right away.

House renovation, car maintenance and furniture repair don’t have to be expensive!

Whether you’re a DIY beginner, hobbyist, professional or casual householder in need of good tools, DEKO inspires you to create a better, safer and aesthetically pleasing home environment at low cost. DEKO provides safe and quality tools you can trust to get the job done.

Fix that broken cupboard, build that farmhouse style wooden chair and décor your house yourself with affordable and easy-to-use DEKO tools!

DEKO can help you save on money and
transform from boring to fabulous.


DEKO is the scale producer and global supplier for household tools and repair equipment offering cost-effective products with trendy designs and technologies for customers worldwide.

We are young energetic professionals forever curious, eager to learn, improve and innovate. We created our business model around providing our customers the best value tool at reasonable price, and throughout the years, have earned the trust of users worldwide.

Our main products include power tools, hand tools, measuring tools, welding equipment and accessories, pumps, sprayers, garden tools and household appliances. Our branded products feature ruggedness, power, high accuracy, and reliable performance. We have earned a reputation for ergonomic product designs, rigorous quality control and improved services.

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It all began in 2013 when a professional engineer Robert Kok quit his job at BOSCH and decided to start his own business with young professionals alike. His idea was to offer customers a line of reasonably priced yet high quality tools that would be more affordable and even of better quality than the ones you could buy from other big-brand names.

There were just one problem: he was an engineer with no idea on how to start a company or sell products. That’s why Robert partnered with entrepreneurs experienced in power and hand tools industry who understand the customer needs and challenges. One of them has become Terry Feng, a current CEO at DEKO.


A fusion of engineering expertise and strong business strategy skills laid the foundation for launching DEKO brand.

Initially founded in Malaysia, DEKO Tools Co., Ltd set up its manufacturing base in China with the headquarter in Ningbo, the fast growing economic regional center and business hub with its Ningbo–Zhoushan Port among the busiest and largest in the world. We opened DEKO offices in Toronto, Canada to handle North American business operations as well as in Moscow, Russia and São Paulo, Brazil. We also have numerous distributors and dealers across the globe.

Today, DEKO is a world-renowned maintenance and repair tools brand dedicated to improving the consumers’ quality of life with modern technology and high-value products at affordable rates. 


DEKO tool in every home

We aim to be a brand that all houseowners trust due to our unrivalled safety standards, quality and reliability; a brand that you love thanks to our user-friendly ergonomic design;
and a brand inspire you to create, fix or redesign something with your own hands.


Offering householders the best value tools and repair equipment in terms of safety, quality, efficiency, and cost, inspiring them to create a better, safer and aesthetically pleasing home environment.


With our multiple warehousing and distribution centers around the globe, customers can buy our products via online and offline channels. We have been exporting our products to more than 50 overseas markets in Europe, North America, South America and Middle East.


With our own overseas warehouses set up in multiple countries, we ensure timely delivery of goods to far-flung customers and local distributors at an affordable cost and with a minimum of shipping challenges.

Our international warehouses are located in Spain, Czech Republic, France, Russia, Brazil, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, and Poland, and we intend to set up more warehouses in other global trade hubs.

Our efficient supply chain management allows getting customers what they want, when they want it. We are continuously researching the latest innovations and advancements in the industry to provide the best solutions to our customers.


If you're looking for new opportunities to expand your business, we invite you to become our distributor in your region. We welcome new ambitious agent partners who are willing to grow and prosper with us.