Solar Powered, Auto Darkening, TIG MIG ARC Welding Hood Flame MZ224

This protective welding helmet delivers comfort, top functionality, and a good view. Thanks to a lightweight of the welding hood, a large viewing area, and 180° degrees rotation allowed, users can do the welding job more effectively. It is designed for DIY-ers who want to practise their welding skills as well as for heavy-duty industry work. This welding mask in black color with flame design can be used in a factory having satisfied the safety regulations of EN379 and ANSI Z87.1. Featuring a high-quality DX-500S lens and grind function, this welding hood offers great value to welders.


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Customer Reviews

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Great hood and value for the price

My son was doing welding in high school so for his birthday we decided to buy him his own helmet (this one) since he was complaining about having to share the school one. I was unsure about it but he said it worked perfect once getting the adjustments set. Even at his job now the owner has what looks like the exact same helmet, he said that he paid over $100 for it. Would definetly buy for anyone going into the welding field it's very much worth the price.


This helmet is awesome. Although it doesn't have quite as much tech as say, a $250 Miller, it is MORE than adequate for my needs. I work in a shop as a machine operator and occasionally I weld there as needed. This helmet upped my game drastically. Dont let the price tag fool you. Many of my co-workers who have the expensive welding gear have tried mine and gave it good reviews too. The ONLY issue I have is that I might replace the headband eventually to an upgraded one with more padding and a different knob, but for the price, I will still say it's a 5 Star helmet!!

Just a bit of something to consider, though... I weld maybe a half hour or an hour a day. If you are more experienced and weld 8hr a day, you might want to get the top of the line stuff. I dont know, I'm not in that position... but for a hobbyist or part timer, this rocks!!!

Great Helmet for the $$$

I purchased a $200 miller helmet and would put the functionality of this one along side of it! You can tell the difference in the construction material, head strap adjustments, etc from a more expensive helmet... but when you're under the helmet you couldn't tell the difference.

Ty K
Excellent mask and even stayed dark through long welds

This thing worked perfect.
1st off, make sure you attach head piece inside correctly so it sits the way it should on your face, that took 8 mins
2nd set it on 10 with the inside delay in max and the sensitivity in max
The lens stayed clearish until i started welding then instantly turned dark and stayed dark until i stopped. Sometimes id weld for like a minute and it stayed dark the whole time. I had no issues with it pulsing or staying dark for a second like others stated.
Absolutely no complaints on my end with this priduct

Gets the job done

Having not welded in nearly 10 years and picking it back up again I was just looking for a welding helmet to get the job done, and not some fancy 150+ dollar helmet, and for the price I think you would be hard pressed to find a better helmet. For me it does the job and the graphic is sweet no matter how dorky my wife thinks I am. Obviously you will not have the customization you do with more expensive helmets, but if you need a great quality helmet at a reasonable price I would recommend this to anyone.