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September 1 - September 15

Are You Going To Stay In The School Dorm Or...

It's the back to school season now...

Aren't you feeling that the school dorm is not comfortable enough to live and somehow it is not a perfect choice for accommodation?
A school dorm only allows you to have party at the common area; you are not allowed to have a pet; there is no private kitchen or restroom; the bed is only twin-sized and you cannot choose your wi-fi plan...
These are many of the reasons why most people choose to move out and rent a comfortable apartment to enjoy their university life!

Seems like there is a better option...

Usually, you will get an empty apartment and you will need to buy some brand-new or second-hand furniture. Either way you will have to assemble or disassemble them. We would like to help you make your work easier and more effective!
You can just be like her in the video!→
DEKO prepares toolkits, drills, and the screwdrivers specially for you! Enter the discount code "ToolsForStudents" to get the discount!
Our goal is to provide you quality tools with reasonable price, and we think DEKO tools are perfect match for you.

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Apply the discount code 'ToolsForStudents' when checking out and get 10% off!

Electric Screwdriver

Educare University

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This screwdriver can also be transformed into a straight shape. The cordless feature allows users to work at any angle. It also has a LED light in the front! We also provide different sizes of hexagonal bits to to tackle any assembly task.



All-In-One Tool Set

Educare University

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DEKO recommends our 65 pieces toolset to students as it meets all the necessary needs for decorating a rental apartment. A hammer, screwdriver, pliers, measute tape, rachet with sockets, screwdriver and even a torpedo level are all included in one set!



Compact Drill

Educare University

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For those who want to drill through something like walls and hang up some pictures, this is the best choice. Our brushless drill contains a power motor and it can also be used to do screw-driving. It's compact, light and easy-to-use!




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