Electric Reciprocating Saw Recip Saw Sawzall DKRS01

With a 900W motor and desirable power-to-weight ratio, DEKO DKRS01 reciprocating saw is suitable to be used in various work scenarios.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
mark popp
Great saw!

I used the saw to cut down several big limbs from trees in the backyard that were hanging too low. The saw worked really well! Great product for the price!

Tom Tom
Great tool

Got this thing delivered on Tuesday and use it today to trim some bushes. It cut through them like a hot knife through butter. I used it for over an hour and it did not overheat. This is one fantastic tool. light weight and easy to handle. Lots more bushes to do and am looking forward to it.

George K
Love this tool!

This is a must have for the quality and price. If you’re in the market for a reciprocating saw, I would recommend this one.

Powerful, strong, and very affordable!!

This machine is a great value! It is very powerful and versatile and handles pretty much any job! I’ve used it a lot over the past few months! Great product and I highly recommend!!

O'Pa Bear
Well balanced, adequate power, compact size a plus

Blade changing is quick, using the right blade is the trick with this tool. I broke down old pvc lawn chairs for the trash man in about 3 minutes per chair. Next project will be low hanging branches.