DEKO 168 Pcs DIY and Household Repair woodworking Tool Set

We all occasionally face problems with broken items, furniture, or pipe leakage. This is the ideal tool set specially designed for every homeowner with 168 all-you-need tools and accessories for home and car repair. The tool set can be used for installation and maintenance of automobile, washing machine, dryer, bicycle, watches, cellphones, household water pipe and more. If you’re were long thinking to get one tool case with must-have crucial tools for your house, garage and workshop, this is the perfect set for you. Save money and time by investing in one tool set instead of buying individual tools.


DEKO is the scale producer and global supplier for household tools and repair equipment offering cost-effective products with trendy designs and technologies for customers worldwide. We are young energetic professionals forever curious, eager to learn, improve and innovate.

DEKO can help you save on money and transform from boring to fabulous. With our quality, great value and easy-to-use tools and equipment you can start any project right away.

Customer Reviews

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DEKO 168 Piece Tool Set with Wrench

Tools look Great

Tool set is a gift. So review pending

The best tool set and box I have ever seen in my life.

This is bar none, the best general purpose tool set I have ever seen in my life. I am not exaggerating.

My wife wanted, of all things, a tool set for her birthday. She wanted her own set that could do anything she needed and slip under the bed for her personal tool stash. I am thinking, lucky me! This should be easy! Well, after searching online for two days I was amazed that there are well over a hundred different tool sets out there and that 99 of them are total bunk. I can only count myself lucky that I stumbled upon this one, because the worst tool sets seem to have the best internet presence.

When my wife opened her gift her eyes lit up. The sheer assortment of tools is incomparable to other tool sets and the tools themselves are much sturdier than you typically get in a set. If you doubt me, look hard at what tools you actually get. Also, the tools actually FIT in their slots and do not easily fall out. The box itself is unbelievably sturdy. It is not light and flimsy, it is a tool box. My wife had no idea what some of the tools did and she was constantly coming to me asking, "what does this do?". She loves crafts and homemaking and this box of wonder has given her some serious brainstorms. I now have this toolbox on my Christmas list so I can keep up with the wife. It may seem a waste, but we have been married 30 years and I have learned there is a time to share and there is a time to give each other their special spaces. Who knew it could be in a toolbox?

If you were lucky enough to get through the clutches of the internet to find this toolbox, then stop and buy it now.

Absolutely the best home set ever

Great tool set! I have 4 other combination tool sets for cars and different parts of the house. I've wanted a great all in one set. This one finally puts all the tools for a house in one easy to carry and use package. The quality is as expected. The adjustable wrench popped out of position, but I was trying to do something it wasn't designed for. No surprises. This set really impresses me. I've replaced a shower stall, exhaust fan, lighting, and several other projects. It works great for quick jobs.

This is a great tool set to have

This is a great tool set to have, even aside from Auto Repair. However I did use some of the tools to change some parts on my car. I love having this because I'm getting into the habit of either building my own things or fixing what I already have. The tools are also really solid and don't feel cheap.

The only thing is I WISH it had wrench extensions, but that was because cars have bolts/screws in some of the most hard to reach places...but oh well!