Basic Parts of a Cordless Drill Driver

Getting to Know the Drill Parts 

Hey! Welcome back to our drill guide. In this blog, we will continue to plumb a cordless drill and show you its components and how each part works.

Drill Part: Chuck

1. Chuck

The chuck refers to the adjustable mechanism that allows you to switch and tighten the drill bit. Although some key chucks still exist, the majority on cordless drills these days are keyless. To open or close the chuck, hold the hand grip and press the trigger switch. 

Drill Part:  Gear Switch

2. Gear Switch

Some cordless drill drivers have several gears and you’ll usually find the switch on the top, allowing users to perform a wider variety of tasks. As you may know, the relationship between speed and torque is inverse - when you’re on high speed you have less torque and on low speed you have more. 

Drill Part: Torque Control Clutch

3. Torque Control Clutch

Torque is the turning force of the drill driver. Most cordless drill drivers have a rotating collar just behind the chuck. This allows you to select lower torque setting than what your gears are capable of. How much torque you need will depend on the size of the screw you want to insert, the diameter of the hole you want to drill and the kind of material you are working with.

Drill Part: Forward/Reverse Switch

4. Forward/Reverse Switch

This button allows you to alternate the direction in which the drill driver turns the drill or screwdriver bit. Regular forward switch is used for clockwise direction, and reverse switch changes the direction to counter-clockwise. When the switch is in the middle position, the drill will be locked. For safety, after the drilling is finished, the forward/reverse switch should be positioned in the middle. 

Drill Part: Trigger Switch

5. Trigger Switch

The cordless drill driver is operated using the speed control trigger. Pulling the trigger starts the chuck spinning. The deeper you press, the faster the drill bits rotates. 

Drill Part: LED Light

6. LED Light

Some cordless drill drivers have an LED light for working in poorly-lit spaces. The LED light should turn on and off automatically. It helps a user to see every single detail even in dark spaces.

Drill Part: Battery

7. Battery

Cordless drill drivers are powered by a rechargeable battery and should come with a charger. On most models, the battery is detachable and can be removed from the tool when it comes time to recharge it. There are three types of batteries: nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium-ion. Lithium-ion is the latest technology. It gives the drill access to more power, longer runtimes, and doesn’t have that annoying battery memory.

Now that you have a rudimentary understanding of the drill and all of its parts, you should have no trouble using yours to complete a wide range of DIY projects around the house.
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